Promar International Agri Food Business Consultant Neil Adams Previews His Paper Reporting On Findings From A Study Amongst Dairy Producers On Leadership And Emotional Intelligence

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Promar International agri food business consultant Neil Adams previews his paper reporting on findings from a study amongst dairy producers on leadership and emotional intelligence

Date Published: 14/10/2016

There’s more to managing a successful dairy businessthan monitoring cash flows, planning the breeding strategy and winter feedingregime.

Interpersonal sensitivity, personalflexibility and emotional resilience are equally important according to arecent Promar study of 65 producers in England and Wales that focused onleadership and leader capabilities within their dairy farming businesses andthe influence of their emotional intelligence.

It concluded that those with the highestlevel of emotional and social competence made £739 profit per cow compared with£366 for the average and those in the lowest group, £117.

Those more likely to run more profitablefarms were farmers with staff or family teams who had a people orientedpersonal style combined with a decisive command role.

Inaddition, they

• tended to be more highly aware of theiremotions, strengths and limitations required to lead high performing teams

• were more likely to have trusted adviserswhose purpose was to act as a sounding board

• took a longer term perspective on theirbusiness plans being clear about their goals over five to 15 years

• paid attention to their own well-being

• were more optimistic and likely to trustpeople, see others as reliable and honest and believe what others said

• were more likely to be tolerant of othersmistakes

Ifyou think you are already emotionally and socially competent – you havemotivation, self-awareness, persistence and conscientiousness, then all welland good. If not, then I’ll be discussing ‘how to' at the conference.

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