IJAM Volume 4, No. 1

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IJAM Volume 4, No. 1

Date Published: 31/10/2014

International Journal of Agricultural Management

Volume 4, No. 1



Opportunity Agriculture
Ian Ashbridge

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The well-being benefits of sensory-rich farm visits
Jane Mills, James Taylor, Janet Dwyer and Jennifer Bartlett

Do farmers act like perfectly rational profit maximisers?  Results of an extra-laboratory experiment
Jan Schwarze, Gesa Sophie Holst and Oliver Mußhoff

Estimating whole farm costs of conducting on-farm research on Midwestern US corn and soybean farms: a linear programming approach
Terry W.  Griffin, Tyler B.  Mark, Craig L.  Dobbins and James M.  Lowenberg-DeBoer

Marketing efficiency of cassava products in Delta State, Nigeria: a stochastic profit frontier approach
Sanzidur Rahman and Brodrick O.  Awerije

Reducing nitrogen applications on Irish dairy farms: effectiveness and efficiency of different strategies
Breda Lally and Tom M.  van Rensburg