IAgrM 2018 Survey Covering Farm Managers Salaries And Jobs

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IAgrM 2018 survey covering Farm Managers Salaries and Jobs

Date Published: 01/02/2018

The IAgrM survey covering ‘Farm Managers Salaries and Jobs’ which is the sixteenth we have undertaken is now being carried out and participants are welcome. The resultant report is well used by both employers and farm managers and universally accepted as a barometer of how the industry rewards its farm managers.

The survey covers those who are employed as farm managers and managers of farm business units and they are invited to take part in the survey.  Its aim, as before, is to provide members and others who are interested, including employers, with objective and up to date information about pay and employment conditions.

All participants will receive a free copy of the report that comes from the analysis of the survey forms.

CONFIDENTIALITY is maintained at all times.  No identification is requested on the questionnaire and no-one, other than those preparing the report, will have access to it.

The survey can be undertaken on line or using the traditional paper method and new participants are always welcome and to take part please register your interest by emailing the IAgrM director at  richard@iagrm.com or phoning 01275 843825.