AB Agris Martin Dyke And John McCurdy Will Be Exploring Pipeline Developments

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AB Agris Martin Dyke and John McCurdy will be exploring pipeline developments

Date Published: 31/10/2016

Collecting data is nowadays amongst our everyday tasks, however do we have the tools to hand to fully exploit its potential and in turn improve our farming businesses? AB Agri’s Martin Dyke and John McCurdy will be exploring pipeline developments.

UK Agri food supply chains will need to improve their performance to simply stand still in the defence of their existing markets, never mind breaking through into new International markets, in the face of increasing competitive threats from other EU and non EU countries.

Connecting UK supply chains from origination, supplier, producer, processor to consumer will help unlock duplicated and non-value adding costs whilst helping target innovation investment.

Leveraging data and technology can accelerate the alignment and the connections between individual parts of the supply chain and help realise these benefits. However, a threat is being posed by the blind pursuit of Big Data with no real vision for how this might be practically used and applied on farm.

AB Agri is a unique community of leading agricultural businesses operating across the entire agri-food supply chain. Our focus is on sustainable food security, safety and efficiency delivered by driving the use of technology and metrics across supply chains.

We passionately believe far more attention should be given to the interpretation of data to create real insight; the use of this insight to enable smarter decision making and perhaps most importantly, the application and implementation of appropriate actions taken on farm.

The bottom line - if it’s too time consuming or complicated it won’t get used; there needs to be some alignment in the supply chain between the value delivered by these technologies and the cost of implementation.