A New Data Platform Is Being Developed By The Agrimetrics

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A new data platform is being developed by the Agrimetrics

Date Published: 25/10/2016

Making the most out of data to produce the best

A new data platform is being developed by the Agrimetrics - an Agritech Centre of Excellence founded by the University of Reading, Rothamsted Research and NIAB, to help farmers produce food more efficiently and to better respond to food consumers changing needs. Prof Richard Tiffin, Director of Science at Agrimetrics will be discussing the initiative in detail at the conference. Here’s a summary.

“The food system is facing unprecedented challenges as a result of demographic and climate change. At the same time, in some cases, the system’s foundations - its primary producers are under increasing economic pressure.

“Many of these challenges can be characterised as being able to better meet the demands of consumers for more, increasingly healthy food.

“However, the growing complexity of the food system means that it is often hard for farmers to understand the demands of the ultimate consumer as well as making the system more vulnerable to unexpected shocks.

“Agrimetrics is building a data platform that will make it easier to access and use data. In this way data can become the currency which enhances knowledge of the system we are all part of. Farmers can be reconnected to consumers, they’ll be able to better meet their needs and procure a larger share of the value in food.”