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Coronavirus and your workers – guidance for farmers and growers - 10th June 2020

Date Published: 03/06/2020

Coronavirus and your workers - guidance for farmers and growers from Roythornes Solicitors

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is creating many challenges.   The agriculture and horticulture sectors have a diverse workforce – family members, permanent staff, seasonal workers, agency workers, all of whom need to be managed in a different way. Subjects covered will  include an employer’s duty of care, induction of new seasonal workers, self-isolating employees and on-site accommodation.

Coronavirus and Agri-supply contracts

Coronavirus has had a drastic impact on some supply contracts, with producers being given short notice of changes to quantities, delivery schedules and prices. In some cases, product is simply not being collected and forward orders are being cancelled. The current crisis will test relationships, and farmers and growers will need to take a pragmatic view about courses of action. However, it is useful to know what your legal “backstop” is. Can your customer just drop the price at a moment’s notice? Can they cancel deliveries with no penalty? Are you entitled to be paid for the quantities stated on the face of the contract note? Knowing your backstop will help with negotiations and how to respond to customers who are seeking, or imposing, changes to planned supplies.

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