What We Offer Contributors

For academic writers, IJAM will:

  • offer a quick turn-round from submission to publication;
  • guarantee an influential audience (combining the readerships of JIFM and JFM, as well as attracting new subscribers), with a particular interest to applied researchers;
  • provide an attractive vehicle to early-career researchers who are daunted by the competition to publish in high-impact journals.
  • give an excellent opportunity for publication in an English-language publication, in a field that is under-represented in many parts of the world.
  • Help to meet requirements for a comprehensive dissemination process in European and other publicly-funded projects, and cope with the rising emphasis on demonstrating ‘impact’ in judgements of research quality assessment, with the mixed readership of the Journal providing an ideal audience.

As a relatively new journal IJAM is not yet represented on citation indices, but applications for registration are pending.

For professionals such as consultants and advisers, a major incentive will be the opportunity to reach a wide audience and to highlight (indirectly) their own services or that of their employer. Those involved in research and rural development projects will find the Journal valuable in meeting their dissemination requirements. In some cases, it will be possible to reprint articles originally written for house magazines or conferences.