Call For Themed Issues

The Editors of the International Journal of Agricultural Management (IJAM) are seeking proposals for themed issues of the Journal.

There is a wide range of topics which could be covered by themed issues. Keywords include:

· Commodity markets

· Control systems

· Decision-making

· Education and training

· Environmental policy and management, sustainable production

· Ethics and management

· Family and social enterprise

· Farm Structures

· Financial analysis and planning

· Food supply chain, safety, traceability

· Forecasting

· Information and communication technology, digital divides

· Labour

· Machinery, equipment and building investment

· Management theory and practice

· Marketing

· Non-farming enterprises, farm diversification, pluriactivity

· Organic or biological production

· Policy and legislation

· Production management

· Risk analysis and management

· Rural tourism and recreation

· Strategic planning

This is far from an exhaustive list, and the editors would be glad to consider other relevant topics.

If you would be interested in being a Guest Editor for a themed issue of IJAM, please email the Editor at with an outline of your proposal. We would expect a Guest Editor to:

  1. Identify potential authors who might be expected to write an article relevant to the theme, of the appropriate quality and rigour;
  2. Invite those authors to contribute;
  3. Identify reviewers with appropriate expertise for each paper;
  4. Make judgements on inclusion of papers, in consultation with the IJAM editorial team.

The IJAM team would provide administrative support to minimise the workload on the Guest Editor. This might include, for instance, putting out a general call for contributions on the theme; communication with authors subsequent to submission, and with reviewers once identified.