About IJAM

The International Journal of Agricultural Management combines the resources and expertise of the Journal of Farm Management (first published in 1967) and the Journal of International Farm Management, while extending their depth of content and geographical coverage.

The purpose of the journal is to provide an international forum and source of reference for those working in agricultural management and related activities, including social, economic and environmental aspects of food production and rural development. Its objectives are:

  1. To survey and report agricultural business management in its widest sense, including the application of existing and innovative methodologies to the analysis of production, marketing and agricultural merchandising throughout the whole supply chain, and the diverse use of agricultural resources to support and supplement rural household income and the rural economy.
  2. To encourage the transfer of agricultural management principles across geographical, cultural, social and national boundaries, to the benefit of rural populations in both poor and rich economies.
  3. To report developing pressures on agricultural and rural resources around the world; the challenges arising from those pressures; and the consequent opportunities for managers of land-based industries.

The International Journal of Agricultural Management is published jointly by the Institute of Agricultural Management and the International Farm Management Association