Tom Carr MIAgrM

Tom is  Farm Manager on the Earl of Plymouth Estate where he looks after a 2000ha privately owned mixed farm encompassing arable, dairy, beef, sheep and pigs in south Shropshire. They currently grow a range of spring and winter crops and supply their farm shop with meat and milk.

How does Institute membership help you in your current role?

The institute keeps me up to date with the latest thinking in the field of farm management and allows me to help influence the future, such as being invited to speak at the farm management lectures conference last year.

Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years’ time?

Continuing to manage and develop a mixed farming business in order to balance the risks that agriculture may face in the future. Such as the loss of subsidies, changing regulations etc.  Also I want to be driving efficiency through new technology and breeding advancements whilst also manging the land for wildlife and the future generation.

How will membership help you reach this goal?  hat is the biggest benefit to you of membership?

Membership of the Institute will allow me to attend training events that will enhance my skills as a farm manager through the Farm Management Skills Programme.  It will also allow access to farm managers and advisors through regional and national events allowing the transfer of knowledge through networking.

Being young and at the start of my journey through farm management it will be beneficial to have access to the knowledge that the institute and its members have.

How regularly do you attend regional/national events?

As a relatively new member of the institute I have yet to attend many events apart from the Farm Management Lecturers Conference. However I am looking forward to attending more events throughout the year and am told the National Conference is well worth attending.