FarmPlanner Competition

IAgrM Farmplanner Competition

The overall aim of the Farmplanner competition is to promote the role of all aspects of farm planning in modern farm management. Clearly, in these changing times for British agriculture, there is a chance to look at new options and consider afresh old established practices.

The host farm sets a number of questions relating to the business and its development and the teams have the opportunity to visit meet with the farmer / manager and the staff following which they produce a report with their recommendations.

The competition has a couple of simple rules covering the teams:

  1. Each educational establishment is allowed to enter one team of no more than 5 members of which at least 2 will have attended the farm visit;
  2. Each educational establishment are allowed up to 10 attendees at the farm visit;
  3. Presentations must be submitted electronically directly to the Institute of Agricultural Management;
  4. All information provided about the host farm for the study must be treated with confidence and not disclosed to any other party;
  5. Copies of the financial information covering the enterprise will be available and must be treated with confidence and not disclosed to any other party;

Confirmation of the date of the farm visit and information day will be sent to known college/ university contacts.  If you would like to receive information regarding this competition, please email