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Annual General Meeting


As part of continuing streamlining of the operation of the Institute of Agricultural Management the Council recommends to the membership of the following FOUR changes to be put to an Special General Meeting of the Institute membership, notice of which is enclosed.

1)           Formation of an ad hoc Executive Committee consisting of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Director with the authority to make day-to-day decisions as required to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the Institute

Wording change in the Constitution to read as follows:

Composition of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, the Treasurer and the Director.  The Executive Committee may, with Council approval, invite the President to attend Executive Committee meetings without a vote.  The Director participates without a vote in all Executive Committee meetings.

Authority of the Executive Committee

Subject to applicable rules, procedures, restrictions, resolutions, and requirements of the Council or of the Constitution and Bylaws, the Executive Committee has the authority to make day-to-day decisions as required. The Council, at its next meeting, shall review Executive Committee minutes and may modify, reject or ratify any Executive Committee action.

2)           Formation of an informal Advisory Board consisting of any former Chair of the Institute to meet annually or as required

The express purpose the Advisory Board is supporting and providing non-binding strategic advice to the incumbent Chair of Council.  At any such Advisory Board, the Chair may call upon the good counsel of the Board and shall in return report to the Board on the current and planned future activities of the Institute. The Advisory Board will not be required to bear any fiduciary responsibilities, rather it is constituted to allow the Chair to benefit from the knowledge and wisdom of previous incumbents ensuring that wisdom is not lost to the Institute.  

3)           Change of Financial Year End to 31st December

The current financial year end of the Institute is 30th June. Membership invoices are raised from 1st July annually; the AGM is convened in October with the financial statement of accounts prepared ready for approval at the AGM. 

By moving the financial year end to the 31st December, the Council believes that;

•             Membership renewal will shift to a more suitable time in the farming calendar year;

•             The Society for the Environment annual renewal will align with the Institutes year-end;

•             The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) reporting will be coterminous with the financial  year-end.


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Annual General Meeting 2020 - Thursday 1st October 2020, 10am

Please CLICK HERE draft minutes of the AGM held on 1st October 2020